Unesco application: the regentenbau is not the only thing that pays

Run the UNESCO application in the group "great spas of europe successfully, the pradikat world cultural heritage is in a very specific part of the city, the so-called "property" (core zone). Because: "there must be everything in it, which shows our strong", explains cultural officer peter weidisch.

According to UNESCO requirements, the core zones of the eleven candidate cities must contain all elements that "directly express in physical form the outstanding universal value of good. The density and quality of the building fabric and how much it now differs from its original state. The regency and arcade buildings, the "wandelhalle", the "brunnenhalle" and the "kurtheater" are naturally part of this.

But that is not all. 212 hectares of flat land in total. Its elongated shape is due to the course of the saale river, along which the most important buildings are located. In the "property but there are also sports facilities such as the golf course. "Kurbader were the gateways for many english sports", explains archivist birgit schmalz. "This shows that tourism and innovation are rooted here." The tattersall and the slaughterhouse are also part of the "property". As well as the central and northern spa district, the churches, the jewish and chapel cemetery and the promenade paths.

Bad kissingen’s unesco application enters the final phase

Around the core zone there is the "buffer zone", the "property safeguarding should. In the case of bad kissingen, it extends in the direction of the east and west rings, as well as into the cascade valley and beyond the golf course. The "buffer zone is not arbitrarily cut, but runs along the horizon line. No high-rise buildings or industrial plants should be erected here, which would spoil the view of the property have been used. The "buffer zone is now obligatory for all applicants, explains peter weidisch. Even cities that are already world heritage sites are now catching up with us.

Since the beginning of the application process, the working group has repeatedly fine-tuned the division of the zones. The villenviertel, for example, is represented only by the section of fruhling- and von-der-tann-strabe, where the buildings have not changed much structurally. "It is also important how the city blends into the landscape", explains birgit schmalz. "The cure should work on the whole gemut, therefore such destinations had therapeutic purposes." Defining the zones is a development process that has already taken several years, says weidisch. "But in the meantime the plan is fixed and part of the application."

Spa town for unesco not to be raised

There is no need for construction work to meet the UNESCO requirements. "I wanted to clear up the misunderstanding that we could not become UNESCO with the and the strabe", clarifies oberburg mayor kay blankenburg (SPD). UNESCO does not demand to pick up the building in advance, but authenticity. Also the "buffer zone already fulfilled all the criteria.

But what about the less pleasant parts of bad kissingen?? Berliner platz, weidgasse, the dilapidated former sanatorium apolant or even the vacancies in bismarckstrabe had no effect on the success of the application, according to kay blankenburg. Peter weidisch can only confirm this: "it’s not a question of already or not already, rehabilitated or not rehabilitated", the cultural adviser makes clear. "But about the preservation and legibility of architectural structures."

This is what otto von bismarck experienced and achieved in bad kissingen

But what are the consequences for the tenants and homeowners who suddenly find themselves living in a world heritage site?? The short answer: none. For the structural protection mechanisms of the city, such as monument, nature or healing spring protection, simply continued to take hold. Does anyone live in the "property and if he wanted to redesign the facade of his house, he only had to adhere to the existing guidelines for the protection of historical monuments. "You are not restricted any differently than before", peter weidisch emphasizes. The world cultural heritage brand was to ennoble the properties and increase their value. Rough building plans in the "property" and "bufferzone" but must be reported to the world heritage organization.

Christian weghofer’s hotel kaiserhof victoria is located directly in the core zone – and sees this as a purely positive thing for his tourism business. "We are already under monument protection", says the managing director. "More can not take hold."

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