Veitsbergfest: 600 guests were already there early in the morning

The veitsberg festival has always been popular, but the organizers of the veitsbergfreunde stammtisch had not hoped for this year's gigantic success even in their wildest dreams.
"Already for the service in the morning there were almost 600 guests", schwarmt stefan batz, who is the sacristan at sankt vitus with kaja hagel. The small chapel on the ansberg hill was bursting at the seams, and there was hardly a seat left at the garnitures in the middle of europe's largest enclosed linden wreath.
From the very beginning, there was a special atmosphere. The fact that monsignor wolfgang witzgall was "only" a member of the board did not change anything celebrated a normal church service. The "graatzer hecht'n dreigesang" – heinrich geblein, hans jurgen geblein and peter bartosch – created an emotional atmosphere with his song contributions, as if at a church festival. And then there was the ladies' ensemble "auind" from hirschfeld and windheim, villages of steinbach am wald. "The way they recited the lord's prayer in several voices thrilled the visitors," says stefan batz, says stefan batz. They gave spontaneous and abundant applause, which in turn made the artists very happy.
Since the service was transferred from the chapel, which was much too small for the mass of people, to the open air, the believers also got their money's worth outdoors. The fact that the 300 prepared hosts were not enough, batz takes with a smile: "the pastor has last even gestuckelt and divided, but that also brought nothing." No one was bose about it.
This year, the festival with hundreds of guests did not end in the early evening. Even the fact that the "veitsbergfreunde" (friends of the veitsberg) had to leave from an epicurean point of view completely sold out were. The visitors stayed anyway, loved the views of the land around the main, enjoyed a fabulous romantic sunset and chatted happily into the night. Under the wide-spreading trees it was very comfortable: it stayed cool despite record temperatures. And every now and then a little air went out. 

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