Was it a hard robbery or a test of strength among men??

Was it a hard robbery or a test of strength among men??

In the end A fell in love. The district court as a free man. What's more, one of the officers drove him home, obviously trusting the 42-year-old, who had just been brought before the second criminal chamber in fetters for aggravated robbery.

Because the chechen national could not get to the village where he lives by public transport in the early evening: he lives in a shelter for asylum seekers in the northeastern part of the district. Likewise, the 39-year-old russian D., the A. Is said to have taken away money. However, the witness had come by bicycle and cycled back in the evening. The fact that transportation was an issue was as unusual as the procedure and its outcome.

In the indictment everything read somehow comprehensible. Accordingly, A. On the afternoon of 4. September its former roommates D. Threatened with a twitched pocket knife and smoked in such a way that the allowed him to help himself to his borse. 135 euros were allegedly missing afterwards.

Because the knife was a weapon in the sense of the penal code, the prosecution assumed that it was an aggravated robbery – minimum sentence of five years. According to A, this incident, which the russian also reported, did not happen.S defenders, however, never gave. The fact is, as the janitor at the time stated, that the boys had to share a room for several weeks on two occasions. Because they both spoke russian, it was hoped that living together would go well.

Difficult to get along with each other
It did so only to a limited extent. Ethnic differences may also have played a role in the training. After all that came up, the two were simply too different: here the practicing muslim A., an eloquent man, also in german, who is on the road a lot during the day and sits at his computer a lot at night. D. Describes himself as an atheist, likes to drink alcohol, tends to be quiet and wants to be left alone at night. Also about the question of whether the window should remain open overnight or not, there was always a dispute in the forced community, which penetrated to the janitor.

The latter also reported as a witness of two incidents in which A. Was freaked out. According to the janitor, D had. Fear of A., why the two were placed in different rooms and floors during 2012. The janitor felt particularly responsible for the russian because he considers him mentally ill and believes that he would not be able to live on his own. When D. He was told that he had been arrested by A. Threatened with the knife, he kept the indications of his "protector" for believable. The witness was speechless when he learned in court that money also played a role in the incident. He had been sure that the russian had told him so, if it had been so.

Everything became even more confused when the alleged victim was questioned as a witness. Although D. The fact that A. Took money from him. But he described the whole thing more as a kind of trial of strength between men. According to the report, he provoked the other by phone the night before, mocking his piety. That the former roommate slept on it for a night before he told d. Came, noted this respect. That speaks for a "strong character, he said.

At the end of his words "we had to clear this up between us" the court and the public prosecutor became clairvoyant. Presiding judge manfred schmidt wondered aloud about the "somewhat archaic" the victim's behavior, which was revealed to the litigants. Especially since after the incident the two men apparently spoke to each other normally for some time: "as if we were sitting and drinking a bottle of vodka", the alleged victim literally described the situation.

The russian did not even exclude the possibility that A. On 4. September had reason to demand money from him: he often received tobacco from him, but gave nothing in return. Whether the older one was initially only 5 or. 10 euros, was left in the air: it had sounded like this in the very rambling testimony of the witness.

Court halted proceedings
After an interruption and discussion between the court, the public prosecutor and the defense counsel, the chamber discontinued the proceedings. Not without the legal notice that the unexplained event of the 4th day of the murder had been a crime. September "only" could have been a threat. The agreement between the parties includes the waiver by the defendant of the right to compensation for the detention suffered during the investigation.

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