With hobbadiho to Frankenland

With hobbadiho to frankenland

The donors of scholarships are always happy when the scholarship holders use their pre-financed creative time to generate added value that is visible or audible to everyone. David saam, with his group boxgalopp and all kinds of cheeky children’s songs in freshly mixed french, pays back to the city and county what the city of bamberg and the county made available to him as a stipend in 2017.

And it is the music cd recorded by the scholarship holder saam together with his alternative folk music rasselbande, the children’s choir of wasserknoden and the bayerischer rundfunk studio franken with the title "hobbadiho worth every euro of the scholarship. So this is how cultural challenges for cultural start-ups can also work.

A colorful mix of instruments

In the old ropery saam and his box gallop troupe presented the cd "hobbadiho" before. The critical audience at the premiere was a huge crowd of children, with some celebrities among them. Paul maar, the children’s favorite, was able to experience saam’s sams-marsch, and gudrun schury and rolf bernhard essig, this year’s berganza prize winners, were also part of the little country trip to "bischberg naus, how culture mayor christian lange, the BR recording team from bayern 1 and numerous representatives of the bamberger city council and the district council.

The hat shook several times, as boxgalopp with accordion, clarinet, harp, violin, bagpipes, drums, tuba, double bass, ukulele and vocals served one earworm after the other to the premiere audience. On the cd the boxgaloppers of viva voce, the gankino-circus-rockers, by matthias egersdorfer, he sings the shocker "da bubblmoo", supported by wolfgang buck and hanna plab. The actress hanna plab remains with the lullaby "guds nachdla, gud nachd" the final chord on the CD is reserved, which she sings out like an angel.

Duel with the "witch masda"

The "hobbadiho" were in the old rope factory-musicians on themselves and the children’s choir of wasserknoden. But as a frame payment for the individual songs they delivered an adventurously great story, which led them, their enthusiastic audience and the cousin michel with his cousin elisabeth and the billy goat hobbadiho to bischberg to hans gerch.

Hans gerch is supposed to make little elisabeth, who has a bad tooth because she always eats too much sube limo, tarts or roasted almonds and ice cream, healthy again with his wonderful vuglbeer juice. But it can’t, which is why elisabeth has decided to go with the "witch masda grimifax" must measure. She wins the competition, gets rid of the bad tooth and unfortunately doesn’t learn too much from the painful experience.

Rough and hearty

The same as, the story goes well "naus", the children can’t keep it down, the lyrics are breakneck french and tongue acrobatically witty, they are also rough and hearty, just as children like to find funny. And they are accompanied by lively melodies that invite you to sing, clap and stomp along.

And because everything that is connected with movement goes down particularly well with the children, the expert audience drives the box gallopers and the children’s choir of wasserknoden to even more musical and french fun time and again. Unfortunately, however, even the most beautiful excursion to bischberg must come to an end one day.

Never mind, because the CD "hobbadiho – french children songs with box gallop" is just in time to be under the christmas tree in every french household where children between one and 99 years of age live. But then the christmas party was allowed to go off.

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