“Work done with heart and soul”

After the service, erwin wolfrum gave a historical review of the kindergarten and diaconal association, while doris luthner reported on the work of the "garten eden" daycare center informed and regina strossenreuther reported from the work of the diakoniestation bad berneck. Helga engelhardt spoke about the seniors' circle.

"There was also gossip"

The recollections of pastor gerhard welz were also remarkable: "at the beginning, it was controversial that we build a nursery. I also received anonymous letters from political bigwigs close to me, accusing me of throwing money away. In the end, a certain group in the village wanted to do it themselves, and that's why there was a bit of a row. My name don camillo also comes from that time, because we had once made a monday-demonstration in front of the city hall for the hortbau. We fought for the facility because we already had the kindergarten. But we parted on good terms."

Mayor gerhard schneider emphasized that the kindergarten and diaconia association can look back proudly on its 100th anniversary: "the tasks have grown steadily, everything has become more professional." Schneider thanked for the excellent cooperation that has always existed between the association and the political community. "We share a common concern for the well-being of the people entrusted to our care, from the very young to the elderly."

Deputy district administrator christina flauder emphasized that the association has done a great job over the long period of time. "A happy birthday, where the people are the center of attention", she stressed.
Further remarks were made by gerold hunkler for the catholic parish of himmelkron and waltraud abmann for the diaconal association of lanzendorf. Walter herrmann, in his capacity as a trusted member of the evangelical church board, thanked all the full-time and voluntary staff and wished them continued good fortune.

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